Package com.aragost.javahg.internals

Class Summary
AbstractCommand Base class for the command classes.
AddRemoveCommandHelper Helper class to implement Add and Removed Command.
BaseStatusLine<T extends Enum<?>>  
BlockInputStream An input stream reading one channel block.
ExtensionManager This is a singleton to manage Mercurial extensions.
GenericLogCommand A generic log command where the client is responsible to consume the output from the command server.
HgInputStream An InputStream that has some methods that make it convenient for JavaHg to read the stdout from the command server.
JavaHgMercurialExtension Extension class to load the JavaHg specific Mercurial extension
OutputChannelInputStream An input stream that will make everything written to the output channel for one command available as an input stream.
Server Java class representing a Mercurial commandserver
ServerPool A pool of Server instances.
ServiceLoader The ServiceLoader searches for Service implementations in META-INF/services.
UpdateMergeHelper A helper class to parse output from update and merge commands.
Utils Miscellaneous utils methods for JavaHg.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
BlockInputStream.InvalidStreamException Exception to indicate that channel and length could not be read from the underlying stream.
RuntimeIOException A wrapper for IOException.
ServiceException This exception is thrown if an error occurs during load of a service with the ServiceLoader.
UnexpectedCommandOutputException Exception thrown when during parsing of the output from command server, some unexpected output is encountered.

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