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Uses of RepositoryConfiguration in com.aragost.javahg

Fields in com.aragost.javahg declared as RepositoryConfiguration
static RepositoryConfiguration RepositoryConfiguration.DEFAULT
          The default configuration, used in case no explicit configuration is given to a Repository

Methods in com.aragost.javahg that return RepositoryConfiguration
 RepositoryConfiguration BaseRepository.getConfiguration()

Methods in com.aragost.javahg with parameters of type RepositoryConfiguration
static BaseRepository Repository.clone(RepositoryConfiguration conf, File directory, String otherRepoUrl)
          Clone an existing Mercurial repository.
static BaseRepository Repository.create(RepositoryConfiguration conf, File directory)
          Create a new Mercurial repository and open a javahg Repository on it.
static BaseRepository conf, File mercurialRepository)
          Open an existing Mercurial repository.

Uses of RepositoryConfiguration in com.aragost.javahg.internals

Constructors in com.aragost.javahg.internals with parameters of type RepositoryConfiguration
ServerPool(RepositoryConfiguration conf, File directory, boolean performInit, String cloneUrl)

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