Class AddCommand

  extended by com.aragost.javahg.internals.AbstractCommand
      extended by com.aragost.javahg.commands.flags.AddCommandFlags
          extended by com.aragost.javahg.commands.AddCommand

public class AddCommand
extends AddCommandFlags

Command class for executing hg add. Set flags from AddCommandFlags and see the execute(String...) method for how to run the command.

Nested Class Summary
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Constructor Summary
AddCommand(Repository repository)
Method Summary
 List<File> execute()
 List<File> execute(File... paths)
 List<String> execute(String... paths)
          Execute the add command, and return list of files added.
 boolean isSuccessful()
          Check if the command ended successfully.
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Constructor Detail


public AddCommand(Repository repository)
repository - the repository associated with this command.
Method Detail


public boolean isSuccessful()
Check if the command ended successfully.

In contrast with Mercurial, a return code of 1 is considered to be successful. Mercurial returns 1 if some files could not be found, but at the same time it does add the files that could be found.

isSuccessful in class AbstractCommand
true if the command exited with 0 or 1.


public List<String> execute(String... paths)
Execute the add command, and return list of files added.

If a file could not be found, then Mercurial adds the other files and exit with a return code of 1. As described in isSuccessful(), we don't treat that as an error and the caller should instead inspect the returned list to see if all files were added.

paths - the files or directories to add. Leave empty to add all untracked files.
list of files added actually.


public List<File> execute(File... paths)


public List<File> execute()

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