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Uses of BackoutCommand in com.aragost.javahg.commands

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 BackoutCommand BackoutCommand.merge()

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Methods in com.aragost.javahg.commands.flags that return BackoutCommand
 BackoutCommand date)
          Set the --date command line flag.
 BackoutCommand BackoutCommandFlags.exclude(String... patterns)
          Set the --exclude command line flag.
 BackoutCommand BackoutCommandFlags.include(String... patterns)
          Set the --include command line flag.
 BackoutCommand BackoutCommandFlags.merge()
          Set the --merge command line flag.
 BackoutCommand BackoutCommandFlags.message(String text)
          Set the --message command line flag.
static BackoutCommand BackoutCommandFlags.on(Repository repository)
 BackoutCommand BackoutCommandFlags.parent(String rev)
          Deprecated. Using this flag has been deprecated in Mercurial. The flag wont go away, but there will typically be a better way to express the same thing.
 BackoutCommand BackoutCommandFlags.rev(String rev)
          Set the --rev command line flag.
 BackoutCommand BackoutCommandFlags.tool(String value)
          Set the --tool command line flag.
 BackoutCommand BackoutCommandFlags.user(String user)
          Set the --user command line flag.

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