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Uses of Changeset in com.aragost.javahg

Methods in com.aragost.javahg that return Changeset
protected  Changeset Repository.basicChangeset(String node)
 Changeset Repository.changeset(String node)
          Return a Changeset object for the specified node id.
 Changeset Repository.changeSet(String node)
          Deprecated. Use changeset instead.
 Changeset Bookmark.getChangeset()
protected  Changeset Repository.getChangesetIfInCache(String node)
 Changeset Changeset.getParent1()
 Changeset WorkingCopy.getParent1()
 Changeset Changeset.getParent2()
 Changeset WorkingCopy.getParent2()
 Changeset Repository.tip()

Methods in com.aragost.javahg that return types with arguments of type Changeset
protected<String,Changeset> Repository.getChangesetCache()
 List<Changeset> Bundle.getChangesets()
          Return the changeset for this bundle.
 List<Changeset> Repository.heads()
 Map<Changeset,Phase> Repository.phases(String... revs)
          Return the phases of the specified revisions
static List<Changeset> Changeset.readListFromStream(Repository repository, HgInputStream in)
          This method is an alias for readListFromStream(Repository, HgInputStream, boolean) with the eager parameter set to false.
static List<Changeset> Changeset.readListFromStream(Repository repository, HgInputStream in, boolean eager)
          Read the rest of the content of the stream and return a List of the Changeset found there.
 Map<Changeset,Phase> Repository.readPhases(String... revs)
          Deprecated. use phases instead

Methods in com.aragost.javahg with parameters of type Changeset
 boolean Changeset.equals(Changeset that)
 MergeContext WorkingCopy.merge(Changeset remote)
          Merge the working copy with the specified changeset

Method parameters in com.aragost.javahg with type arguments of type Changeset
 void Bundle.init(List<Changeset> changesets)
          Do the final initialization of the bundle.

Constructors in com.aragost.javahg with parameters of type Changeset
Bookmark(Changeset changeset, String name, boolean active)

Uses of Changeset in com.aragost.javahg.commands

Methods in com.aragost.javahg.commands that return Changeset
 Changeset RollbackCommand.execute()
          Rollback last transaction.
 Changeset CommitCommand.execute()
          Commit all changes
 Changeset CommitCommand.execute(File... files)
 Changeset CommitCommand.execute(String... files)
          Commit changes in the passed in files only
 Changeset Branch.getBranchTip()
 Changeset AnnotateLine.getChangeset()
 Changeset Tag.getChangeset()
 Changeset AnnotateLine.getChangeSet()
          Deprecated. use getChangeset()
 Changeset LogCommand.single(String... files)
          Execute the log command and return a single Changeset.

Methods in com.aragost.javahg.commands that return types with arguments of type Changeset
 List<Changeset> PushCommand.execute()
          Run hg pull using the default path.
 List<Changeset> ParentsCommand.execute()
 List<Changeset> PullCommand.execute()
          Run hg pull using the default path.
 List<Changeset> OutgoingCommand.execute(File repoDir)
 List<Changeset> OutgoingCommand.execute(Repository repository)
 List<Changeset> LogCommand.execute(String... files)
 List<Changeset> HeadsCommand.execute(String... revs)
 List<Changeset> PushCommand.execute(String destination)
          Run hg push destination with an explicit destination path.
 List<Changeset> OutgoingCommand.execute(String dst)
 List<Changeset> ParentsCommand.execute(String file)
 List<Changeset> PullCommand.execute(String source)
          Run hg pull source with an explicit source path.
 Map<Changeset,List<Tag>> TagsCommand.executeReverse()
          Return alternative mapping of changeset node hash to list of tags.

Methods in com.aragost.javahg.commands with parameters of type Changeset
 GraftContext GraftCommand.execute(Changeset changeset)
          Run hg graft with the specified revisions.
 UpdateCommand UpdateCommand.rev(Changeset cset)
          Set the --rev flag.

Constructors in com.aragost.javahg.commands with parameters of type Changeset
AnnotateLine(Changeset changeset, String line)
Tag(String name, Changeset changeset, boolean local)

Uses of Changeset in com.aragost.javahg.internals

Methods in com.aragost.javahg.internals that return types with arguments of type Changeset
static List<Changeset> PullPushHelper.parseStream(AbstractCommand command, HgInputStream stream)

Uses of Changeset in com.aragost.javahg.merge

Methods in com.aragost.javahg.merge that return Changeset
 Changeset GraftContext.commit()
 Changeset ConflictResolvingContext.getBase()
 Changeset KeepDeleteConflict.getKeepParent()
 Changeset ConflictResolvingContext.getLocal()
 Changeset ConflictResolvingContext.getRemote()
 Changeset GraftContext.getSource()

Methods in com.aragost.javahg.merge with parameters of type Changeset
 void GraftContext.setRollbackChangeset(Changeset rollbackChangeset)

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