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Packages that use HgVersion

Uses of HgVersion in com.aragost.javahg

Methods in com.aragost.javahg that return HgVersion
static HgVersion HgVersion.fromString(String versionString)
          Factory method to create a HgVersion from a version string from Mercurial
 HgVersion Repository.getHgVersion()
static HgVersion HgVersion.unknown()

Methods in com.aragost.javahg with parameters of type HgVersion
 int HgVersion.compareTo(HgVersion that)
          Compare this to the other version.
 boolean HgVersion.isBefore(HgVersion ver)

Uses of HgVersion in com.aragost.javahg.commands

Methods in com.aragost.javahg.commands that return HgVersion
 HgVersion VersionCommand.execute()
          Retrieve the Mercurial version number.

Uses of HgVersion in com.aragost.javahg.internals

Methods in com.aragost.javahg.internals that return HgVersion
 HgVersion ServerPool.getHgVersion(Repository repo)

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